Allergy to mouse droppings

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Many human households are also home to pests like mice, unbeknown to the residents of the home. However, when someone living in the house begins to experience serious allergy symptoms, it may be due to the mouse droppings or urine that is also in the home.

Mouse dropping allergies are as common as mould and dust allergies, but mouse droppings can also harbour very dangerous diseases and trigger asthma in some people.

Symptoms Of Allergies

Unlike peanuts or mould, it is very unlikely that a child or healthy adult will ever be tested for a mouse allergy. Mouse dropping allergies are difficult to pinpoint because they appear like any other environmental allergen reaction. These symptoms will include respiratory trouble, laboured breathing, watery eyes, sneezing, stuffed-up sinuses and a runny nose.

Allergy to Pet Mouse Droppings

It is just as possible to have or develop an allergy to pet mouse droppings as it is to wild mouse droppings. Prolonged exposure to even pet mice droppings can result in allergy attacks or the development of asthma.

Removing The Cause Of Allergies

Removing mice from a home can be a difficult task. The mice are producing the droppings causing the allergy attacks, so removing them is the first step. Cleaning the home and removing any accessible food by taking garbage out as soon as it is full as well as keeping food in airtight containers will remove the food source for the mice. Sealing any small cracks or holes that the mice can travel through the house and access the house will prevent more from getting inside.

After the mice are removed, the droppings will need to be cleaned up and the areas where the mice were living sanitised.

Alternative Causes and Symptoms

If someone is having difficulty breathing, the symptoms may not be an allergic reaction. Mouse droppings in the home may result in more serious asthma attacks as other pollutants, like mould and smoke would. If this is the case, a more aggressive method of removing the mouse droppings should be used, such as hiring an exterminator or indoor air quality specialist. This action should be taken rather quickly as prolonged exposure to certain allergens, like mouse droppings, can lead to the development or worsening of asthma.


Wild mouse droppings can make you very sick, as they may carry the hantavirus. Hantavirus symptoms are drastically different from allergies and the two should not be confused. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, chills, shaking and muscle aches. If this is the case, the affected person should seek medical attention immediately, as hantavirus can cause death. If cleaning a space where wild mice congregate, like a garage, always wear a safety mask.