Job Description for a Creative Producer

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A creative producer on a film or TV production assists the director with the script, casting and other creative issues. He mainly works in conjunction with other producers and is in charge of the creative team. He oversees the advancement of the script, and makes sure the director and actors are communicating effectively.

Education and Experience

A creative producer generally holds a bachelor's degree in communications with a focus on TV or film production or any other media-related field. Coursework with computers is also helpful, especially in video editing, since he oversees editing of the film or program. A creative producer often has experience in video or film production.

Responsibilities and Duties

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A creative producer directs film production and oversees the transfer of film materials as well as videotape. He may also direct still photo productions and oversee the transfer of images to end media such as mailers, photo prints, videos and billboards. Working together with the director, the producer contributes in the development of new content and features. A creative producer pulls together feedback related to creative aspects of the production and identifies new feature developments.

Desirable Skills

He must know design software like Photoshop, Illustrator as well as AVID and Final Cut Pro. He is also a good communicator and persuasive at various levels. He has good working knowledge of film production as well as digital photography. He can also work with various media production devices including video effects, audio mixers, lighting equipment, microphones and more.


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Salary varies according to experience, location, industry and company. In Portland, for instance, a creative producer earns an average annual salary of £35,750. A web creative producer, on the other hand, earns about £37,700 to £40,950.


A creative producer works under pressure. He has to put rehearsals in order and convene with designers, writers, production technicians and financial backers. Assignments are mainly short-term and can run from one day to many months. Working hours are irregular and sometimes long. A creative producer may work evenings and weekends, depending on the project.

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