What is tip etiquette for valet parking?

There are a number of instances where valet parking offers convenience and an element of class. In order to show proper appreciation for the services that valets offers, it's best to be aware of tipping etiquette in order to make a good impression.

When to Tip

It is appropriate etiquette to give a tip to the valet both when giving the keys to the valet, and when getting in the car to leave the event. This shows considerable courtesy for the valet, and will further ensure that the car will be properly cared for while the owner of the car is enjoying his/her event.

How Much to Tip

It is customary to tip the valet a total of £2 or £3--two dollars when giving the keys to the valet, and two additional dollars when leaving the event. Individuals with expensive cars may want to increase the valet tip to £6 or £9. Even though valets are on salary, tipping is a gesture that is used to show the valet that he has done a good job, and will ensure that the car will be especially cared for.

Gratitude and Special Service

After each tip is given, it is best to thank the valet for services rendered. If a driver has a car that needs special attention, it is appropriate to tip the valet a little extra to see that the car is parked where the owner can see it. Although it is rare, the owner of the car can ask the valet for his/her keys back after the valet has parked the car if the owner will need to get into the car at any time during the event.

Choosing Valet Parking Services

When choosing a valet parking service for an event, it is customary to provide a tip for the valets, in addition to the base pay for all workers. The base pay for services should be given to the valets before the event, and the tip should be presented at the event, after all guests have received their cars back. The tip should reflect the quality of service that the valets rendered. In order to ensure that all valets receive an equal tip at an event you have organised, it is best to present each valet with a cash tip.

Tips and Parking Spaces

Generally, the higher a valet's tip is, the better the parking space he will provide. Generous tips will also ensure that the valet will return your car in a timely manner after the event has ended. More expensive will usually be parked closer to the event location to ensure the safety of the car.