Job description for a liaison manager

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A liaison manage ensures effective communication and co-operation between two entities. He carries out supervisory duties to the organisation and ensures co-ordination between the organisation he works for and its clients and partners. A liaison manager is a good communicator and should be friendly and level headed.

He must be knowledgeable about the business area his organisation deals with.


A liaison manager holds a Bachelor of Arts degree preferably in communication, a Bachelor of Science degree preferably in management or any other degree related to the organisation specialisation. He is computer literate and can work comfortably with Microsoft Office Suite, internet and e-mail, and he also has good typing speed.

Desirable Skills

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A liaison manager has good organizational skills and strong written and oral communication skills. He is a team player and is not only trustworthy and ambitious but also self-motivated and independent. A liaison manager has strong interpersonal skills and is also friendly. He also has strong administration skills and a mental aptitude for industrial growth, business development and public relations. Preferably, a liaison manager has experience working as a liaison officer.


A liaison manager acts as a link to consultants, government bodies, agencies as well as clients to ensure effective communication with the organisation. He relays all details about a project as proposed by the clients and ensures that information is submitted to the organisation project page. He communicates customers' requirements to relevant departments within the organisation and prepares and follows up on client quotations. The liaison manager creates and maintains good relationships with the clients and oversees the preparation of project reports.


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A liaison manager earns an average of £31,200 to £33,800 as documented in Glassdoor. The actual salary may depend on the location of the job, the years of experience, the company he works for as well as education qualification. A liaison manager also gets additional benefits such as medical and insurance coverage.


A liaison manager works in an office setting even though he may travel within and outside the country for the sake of meeting with clients and partners. He can work about six to eight hours a day. A liaison manager works closely with the managers.