How to Use Gym Shower Etiquette

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Gym shower etiquette refers to the system of rules people use when they share a common shower area. Most of these rules are tied in closely with cultural norms regarding sex, hygiene and nudity. Yet, they can also extend into personal quirks.

Although gym shower etiquette usually applies only to gym goers, it also can apply to party guests. When? When a guest stays overnight at a host's house. What an overnight guest does in regards to the use of the shower the next morning can make or break a relationship. Read on to learn how to use gym shower etiquette.

Ask the host if it is OK to use his or her shower. Although the answer is likely to be "Yes", it's impolite not to ask. Why? Even in the lowliest of gyms, there are rules about who can and cannot use the shower area. So extend this gym shower etiquette to your host. Give them the opportunity to extend the use of the shower to you.

Let your host supply you with shower accessories and tools. In other words, your host should show you which towel, soap and shampoo to use while you shower. This gym shower etiquette rule will help you avoid using an item that might upset them or be only used for decoration.

Limit your use of hot water. This point may seem petty, but after a night of partying, everyone (including the host) wants to take a hot shower. Also, it's high on the list of gym shower etiquette rules that make other people angry. So, start your shower offer lukewarm and end it hot in order to conserve the heat. When you get home, you can jump back into the shower and take a long hot one.

Take a five to 10-minute shower. This time may seem short, but it will help you not appear to be a shower "hog." So, as you shower, pretend you are actually at a gym where the rules of etiquette strictly say, "Shower for 10 minutes or less." This mental picture will help remind you that you are not at home and must consider the needs of others.

Don't attempt to use the shower if someone else is using it. Of course, this rule doesn't apply if the other person invites you in. However, if this is not the case, wait until the person finishes showering and exit's the restroom. Keep this gym shower etiquette rule in mind because a violation of it will make you seem disrespectful. It also might end up with an immediate boot out of your host's house.

Clean up after yourself. This gym shower etiquette rule is one that is universal. Only a hired maid is supposed to clean up after another person's mess--and he or she gets paid to do it. So, unless you plan on shelling out some dough, clean up the shower after you use it. It's just a general form of courtesy that you can offer to your host.