Cosmetology and Ethics

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For any business to do well, there needs to be a high degree of discipline among practitioners. When customers are not handled well in any business due to carelessness or negligence, it will lead to loss of income and eventual demise of business; however, it may also endanger the lives of the customers.

Such is the case in cosmetology where practitioners must keep standards of professionalism.

Code of Ethics

The code of ethics defines a set of standards, rules and regulations that have been agreed upon by members of any society and need to be adhered to by all for the betterment of all members. Due to the principle of collective responsibility, when one member flouts such ethics the rest are likely to be affected adversely. Hence, there is a need for strict enforcement of codes of ethics.

Cosmetology Board Members' Responsibility

Cosmetology is a delicate art wherein the practitioners’ business is to enhance the physical appearance of their customers; practitioners should belong to a local or area board. It is the responsibility of each member to comply with the rules of the board to ensure that the reputation of the business is not tarnished at the expense of a wrong move by a single member. The rules vary from state to state and include paper requirements to open a cosmetology salon, salon location, salon name and the like. For instance, residence requirements to open a salon at home include minimum ceiling height, separate toilets for residents and customers as well as a designated sign outside.

Importance of Obeying the Code

Each member is personally responsible for obeying the code of ethics in the cosmetology industry and the strict rules require that when the code is broken wilfully, the member faces expulsion from the association. The reason is that just like in any other business, the customer’s welfare is paramount and must be protected at all costs.

Need for Professionalism

In order to maintain high standards, the code of ethics dictates that each member needs to be a professionally trained beautician who has undergone sufficient training so that she can handle her customers with care, upholding hygiene and safety standards. There is also a need for professionalism among members despite the competitive aspect; it is expected that all members treat each other with respect and dignity in relation to their business.

Honesty and Integrity

Members promise to adhere to the set rules of business and aspire to continue to increase their knowledge for the welfare of their customers. When consulting with their clients they also promise to give accurate information and seek the best interest of their clients. The code of ethics in cosmetology also demands that confidentiality between practitioner and customer is of the highest standards since there is much that people will share with them.