Job Description for a Sales Assistant With JJB Sports

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JJB Sports is the largest sports retailer in the United Kingdom. It has struggled during the recent harsh economic climate, which has damaged its high-street stores.

However, opportunities to work in JJB Sports shops remain available.

JJB seeks a specific type of person to work in its stores. Applicants should be outgoing, customer-focused and team-oriented.


JJB Sports looks to recruit people who will put the customers' needs first. Employees are expected to handle a wide range of enquiries, both in store and over the telephone.

JJB Sports looks for polite, friendly and helpful individuals with knowledge of a range of sports. Such breadth of knowledge is not essential, however, and training will be provided if necessary. One of JJB's key products is sports clothing, which requires no great depth of specialist knowledge.

Working in a Team or Individually

JJB looks for employees with the ability to work alone---on their own initiative---for prolonged periods of time.

Within the store are several different areas to which shop assistants will be deployed. One area in which an employee might work alone for a long period of time is the stockroom. This can involve repetitive work requiring high levels of concentration.

Staff will work as a team, however, on the shop floor and at the cashier stations.

Specialist Knowledge

JJB Sport sells a range of items that require specialist knowledge, such as cricket, golf and cycling equipment. Ideally, an applicant to JJB will have specialist knowledge in one or more of these fields.

Many of the customers who shop in JJB are first-time buyers or people buying gifts for others. They often have limited knowledge of specialised sports equipment and require assistance.

An applicant to JJB will be well-served by a display of working knowledge of specialised sports equipment.

Hourly Rate

It is entirely feasible, given the recent job cuts as a result of the recession, that JJB Sports opportunities will become particularly limited.

A 2009 shop assistant vacancy in the Aylesbury area was advertised as paying £6.07 per hour, marginally above the U.K. national minimum wage.

Workers in many comparable positions in the United Kingdom are paid only the national minimum wage---for those over the age of 22---of £5.80 per hour.

Application Details

Applications are welcomed for vacancies displayed either in store or on the shop's website. JJB recruitment is not handled at a headquarters level, but conducted by each store's manager. That means it is not unreasonable to enter a store to enquire about a role.

A 2009 online vacancy invited applicants to submit a CV and covering letter. The recruitment website also details that those with previous experience in a high-street sports shop environment will be of particular interest to the JJB Sports group.

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