Lost Wedding Band Replacement Etiquette

wedding ring image by Tammy Mobley from Fotolia.com

A wedding band is often someone's most important possession, but it can get lost in the shuffle of life. Between taking it off to swim, exercising or having a job that requires you work with your hands, there are a variety of ways it can be misplaced forever.

It's often not hard to find a replacement that resembles the old band; telling your spouse may be the hardest part of losing it.


As a circle, the wedding band symbolises a relationship that will last for eternity. It is the physical symbol of the love between two people and an outward sign of lasting commitment. Losing the ring may be concerning to a spouse because it holds such important cultural and personal significance. Some people think that it's a bad omen to lose the ring, but try to stay positive and realise your love lasts though the ring is gone.

Telling Your Spouse

If you lose your wedding band, tell your spouse as soon as possible, and be completely honest about how it happened. A spouse may be hurt that you took off the ring, or that you somehow let it slip away. In a worst case scenario, a spouse may wonder if you took off the ring in order to appear as though you were not married. Keep your explanation simple and honest, and assure your spouse you'll find a replacement as soon as possible.

Finding a Replacement

A lost wedding ring can be replaced with an exact replica of an old ring, or you can use the opportunity to find a completely new ring. If you'd like to have the same ring, go back to the jeweller you purchased it from originally, and explain the situation. The jeweller may have the ring still in stock, or may be able to expedite a new purchase. If you're open to a new style, check out several different jewellers to determine what you'd like. There are also several reputable online jewellers that sell wedding rings and offer free shipping. You might want to bring your spouse along to shop for a new ring, so they feel included in the decision making process.


There are several ways to make sure that a replacement wedding ring is never lost again. Don't take the ring off to ensure it is never misplaced. If you must take off the ring, place it in the same spot every time. If travelling, use the hotel safe or otherwise secure the ring in a safe spot. When purchasing a replacement, think about getting a ring made from a highly durable metal, like tungsten. If you aren't worried about the ring getting scratched during exercise, cleaning or other activities, you may be less likely to take it off.


In order to prevent the process of replacement, consider ring insurance, which can be purchased as a rider as part of a regular homeowners' insurance policy. Many policies cover events ranging from theft to accidentally leaving it by the side of a pool. Check with an insurance agent for the best policy and rates. If the ring is lost, many policies will cover the cost of replacement.