The average cost of exterior painting

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The cost of painting the exterior of a house varies depending on the house size, labour needed and supplies chosen. If you paint a house without hiring anyone it may cost up to £390. If you hire someone to do the work it can cost from £975 to over £3,250 (in 2010 prices).

Price of Paint

The price of paint varies based on the type of paint you choose. Regular paint is £16 to £26 per gallon (in 2010), but can be as much as £65 per gallon. Buy the best paint you can afford because it will be higher quality. For a 3,000-square-foot home, you need 15 gallons or more. Paint will constitute about 25 per cent of the total cost of painting a house. The cost of paint will remain the same regardless of whether you paint the house yourself or hire someone to paint it.


The cost of labour accounts for the other 75 per cent of home painting costs. For an average 3,000-square-foot home, labour can cost anywhere from £975 to £1,950 and can cost over £3,250 for a larger home. Labor will often include things like pressure washing the house (which must be done prior to painting), painting doors, mailboxes, etc. Painters will bring their own supplies like tarps, tape, brushes, etc. If you choose to do the painting yourself, you will have to buy or rent your own supplies (i.e. brushes, ladders, power washers, etc.) which can cost anywhere from £260 and upwards. It depends on the materials you buy and the amount of time you rent equipment for.

Discounted Work

Sometimes work can get discounted if you ask to have the house painted in between the painter's other projects. This means it will take longer for your house to be done, but it may save you some money. Summer is when most people tend to get their homes painted so if you get yours painted in the off season there is a chance the work will be discounted. Late fall is the typical off season. The amount of discount you can receive varies depending on the painter, so ask several painters if they can offer any discounts and how much. It is possible to get discounted work by hiring someone you know, like a neighbour, to paint the house. By doing this you may still have to purchase all the supplies, though and it might take the person longer than a professional painter.


If repairs are needed on your house, the painting job will cost more. One of the main repairs houses need is fixing rotted wood. Loose boards are another repair you may need to make. Depending on the extent of the repairs needed and the painter's policies, these repairs can add to the total cost of painting the house.

Extra Costs

One extra cost that may be incurred is if the colour of the house changes from dark to light or light to dark. This dramatic change may require more coats of paint which will add to the total cost of paint. Painting the extra coats will add to labour time. If you plan on doing the work yourself, keep in mind you will need to rent a pressure washer and buy all of your own supplies.