Average Cat Weight

crazy cat image by Marzanna Syncerz from Fotolia.com

A more sedentary indoor lifestyle had helped put the pounds on domestic cats--enough so that their average weight has climbed about 0.907kg. from 20 years ago and obesity has become the primary nutritional disease in cats. Like humans, cats need a nutritious diet and regular exercise to stay fit and healthy.

Growing cats

When kittens are born, they'll weigh between 56.7 and 113gr, but by the end of the first week, they will have doubled their weight. At about seven months, the difference between males and females is becoming more obvious: the average female cat will weigh around 2.27kg. 227gr and males closer to 3.63kg. At nine months, they will have levelled off some with males coming in around 4.08kg., 113gr, and females, a little over 2.72kg.

Adult cats

By the end of the first year, cats are considered adult but still have a physique comparable to that of a 15-year-old human. They will continue to bulk up as they mature with un-neutered cats coming in slightly heavier than those who were neutered before adolescence set in at around six months of age. Some breeds take longer to mature: the Maine coon requires a few more months and the Manx won't be fully mature until he's five years old.

Small breeds

Small breeds, such as the Cornish Rex, some oriental short-hairs, the Nebelung and the Russian blue will weigh in at 2.72 to 4.08kg. The exotic Singapura usually comes in slightly smaller between 2.72 and 3.63kg.


Medium breeds

By far the most common sized cat, normal weight range of medium breeds is 3.63 to 5.44 Kilogram with males generally weighing 0.907 to 1.81kg more than females. Included in this group are the American and British shorthairs, the Abyssinian, the American curl, the Birman, the Burmese, the Manx, the Selkirk Rex, the Siamese, Sphynx and Somali.

Large breeds

Large breeds of domestic cats include the Himalayan, the American bobtail, the Bengal, the Norwegian forest cat, the Ragdoll, the Persian, the Siberian and the Maine coon, all of which can weigh in between 5.44 and 9.07kg.

Pound for Pound

Just as the average human is becoming heavier, so are our cats. Twenty years ago, the average cat weighed about 3.63kg. but today, the same cat will tip the scale at about 4.54kg. It's important to note that one cat pound is equal to about fifteen human pounds so a 4.54kg cat is comparative to a 68kg. human. Take age and bone structure into consideration before deciding if Felix needs to start a diet and exercise regime--or if he can continue to nap his days away curled up in a quiet corner of the sofa.