British Army basic training

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Basic training in the British Army is called Initial Soldier Training. The course you'll go through depends on your age and the job you plan to do while in the military, but each of these programs prepares soldiers for life in the Army. There are five Initial Soldier Training locations for new recruits.

ITC Catterick training

The training at ITC (Infantry Training Center) Catterick prepares soldiers for service in the line infantry, foot guards or parachute regiment. At this location, soldiers for The Brigade of Gurkhas are trained as well in not only traditional infantry courses, but also courses that cover language, culture and career management. Of the 17,000 annual applicants, only 230 are accepted into this program. In all of the infantry courses, soldiers are introduced to life in the military and learn skills in weaponry, personal administration, fitness and other Army basics.

ATC Pirbright training

Training at ATC (Army Training Center) Pirbright prepares soldiers for recruits who want to join the Air Corps, Adjuntant General's Corps, Royal Regiment of Artillery, Royal Corps of Signals, Royal Logistic Corps, Intelligence Corps or Royal Army Medical Corps. In addition, all female recruits go through initial training at this location. Here, you'll go through a 14-week course known as the Common Military Syllabus to help you learn about life in the Army, map-reading skills, first aid, using weapons and drilling.

ATR Bassingbourn

ATR (Army Training Regiment) Bassingbourn, located near Cambridge, also follows the 14-week Common Military Syllabus to prepare soldiers for service in the Army. During the first part of the training course, soldiers will be introduced to life in the military and learn skills involving gun handling and first aid. The second part of the course builds upon these skills by putting soldiers through simulated situations in field exercises.

AFC Harrogate training

Located in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, the AFC (Army Foundation College) allows would-be soldiers between the ages of 16 years 2 months and 17 years 1 month to become Junior Soldiers through a basic training program. The AFC program lasts 50 weeks, which include 25 weeks of military training, 12 weeks of vocational training and five weeks of training on leadership and initiative.

ATR Winchester training

ATR Winchester's basic training program is for soldiers between the ages of 16 and 17. The course lasts for 23 weeks and covers the same information adult soldiers receive at one of the other training locations while also keeping in mind that these solders are younger. Following this course, Junior soldiers move on to training in their specific career to learn a trade in the Army.