The Behavior of Cockapoos

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Cockapoo behaviour is one of the best things about this hybrid breed---it is usually obedient and fun. In fact, cockapoo behaviour is a reason why so many pet lovers adore this breed, made from cocker spaniels and poodles.

However, just like with any dog breed, this breed's behaviour may vary, as you may encounter a dog that goes against what is normal for the cockapoo, which is why research of the breeder and dog's family history is of the utmost importance. If you are on the hunt for a dog that is friendly and eager to please, this breed's behaviour may be right for you.


One of the keynote characteristics of cockapoo behaviour is their affection towards their owners and others. It is not uncommon for a cockapoo owner to always be greeted with lots of licks. In addition, many cockapoos make their owner's laps their primary locations.


According to, cockapoo dogs are very smart and therefore, easy to train. Your cockapoo may behave in such a way that you are surprised at how fast it learns its tricks and commands. In general, poodles and cocker spaniels are both fairly intelligent, therefore, this breed that is made up of both typically is, as well.

Energetic and Playful

Your cockapoo may exhibit behaviour that is quite boisterous and energetic. According to, poodles are generally active, a trait that is quite likely to pass onto the cockapoo. In order to prevent destructive behaviour caused by boredom in your cockapoo, take it for daily walks and provide it with ample opportunities for physical activities. Since they are usually so intelligent, cockapoos generally do well with obedience and agility trials. In addition, providing your cockapoo with exercise and activity can help to keep it a healthy weight, which is very important, as obesity is common in cocker spaniels.

Willing to Please

According to, cockapoos tend to exhibit behaviour that pleases their owners. Cockapoos generally want to obey their owners and try to make them happy by behaving well. It is rare to find a cockapoo that is downright disobedient; however, it is possible. If your cockapoo inherits undesirable traits from its parents, it can behave in unacceptable ways. Poodles can be a bit neurotic, while cockers can be quite stubborn. If the two traits are combined, it can create a cockapoo that does what it wants. However, most cockapoos will strive to obey their owners.


Cockapoos display their good-natured behaviour in a number of ways. Cockapoos generally get along well with adults, children and other animals, especially if they are socialised with others when they are young, states Cockapoos are rarely aggressive or mean, but it is always possible, as it is with any dog.