What Is a Double Oven?

pizzas in an oven image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.com

People use ovens in order to heat a wide variety of dishes. Because some cooked dishes require different temperatures for optimal cooking, a double oven combines two ovens into the same kitchen appliance, allowing multiple meals to be prepared at the same time.

Popular appliance brands such as Wolf, Maytag and General Electric offer double oven models.


Double ovens usually feature the latest convection heating technology, meaning that a fan is used to circulate heat evenly throughout the unit. These ovens feature a bevy of electronics in order to control the heat distributed to each oven, as well as timers. Usually, double ovens use two heating coils, with a third coil for added supplemental heat. This ensures that the oven does not become too hot or too cold.


Since these appliances are convection ovens, foods will cook more evenly. Evenly cooked food is less likely to become burnt on one side, and meats tend to cook all the way through. Different types of meat and other dishes sometimes must be cooked at different temperatures. For a large family, this can mean limiting meal options. With a double oven, you have two different temperature ranges to choose from, without having to wait for one dish to finish cooking before putting in another.


Double ovens vary in style. Some are stand-alone units, while others are built into countertops. Stand-alone double ovens usually feature a flat top range for frying, boiling and steaming. Stand-alone units typically take up less space and feature a smaller oven on top and a larger oven on the bottom. Built-in units feature two large ovens of the same size, with a cook top installed elsewhere in the kitchen.


Double oven sizes vary. Most double built-in ovens measure 30 inches in width. They range from 4 to 7 cubic feet in oven capacity. While the overall size of the double oven does not vary much, GE appliances usually feature a smaller oven up top and a larger one on the bottom. The average height of a double oven is 51 inches.


As of April 2010, double ovens typically cost more than a traditional oven, which has an average price of about £325 from GE appliances. Convection ovens cost between £780 and £975. A Maytag stainless steel double oven costs £1,559. A GE Profile 30-inch stand-alone has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of £1,396. Homeowners must decide whether the benefits of a double oven justify paying twice the money, compared to a regular convection unit.