Beauty salon tipping etiquette

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Tipping at a salon or spa can be an uncomfortable situation when you aren't sure about tipping etiquette. Knowing how much you should tip, who you should tip and how to dole out the tip will make the process much more easy, allowing you to enjoy your experience at the salon versus worrying about the end of the trip.

Average Tipping Percentage

The normal tip for services ranges between 15 to 20 per cent of the service before tax is added, according to So if the total price of the salon visit was £32, expect to add about £6 for tip for a satisfactory job. If the person who took care of you did something out of the ordinary or took a good amount of time with you, such as doing a big job like colour correction or a major makeover, consider tipping above 20 per cent to show your gratitude.

Who to Tip

At a salon, you may deal with more than one service provider. Therefore, you should be prepared to break up your tip. For example, if the person who washes your hair is different from the person who cuts it, tip the shampooer around £3, then give the rest of the tip to the stylist. You should not feel the need to tip those who do not provide direct service to you, such as the receptionist.

How to Tip

Unless the spa or salon you are using provides envelops for tips at the reception area, then feel free to give the tip directly to those who have provided you your services. If they do provide an envelope, be sure to put the names of those who serviced you on it, along with your own name and a form of contact information, such as your phone number. This helps stylists identify how to split up tips.

Tipping the Owner as Stylist

Although tipping the owner of a salon or spa who may have also worked on you is not always "required," it is a nice gesture. The person above all is a stylist and provided a service to you, so feel free to provide them a tip as you would an employee of the salon, according to

Unsatisfied Customers

If you didn't like your experience or results of your beauty salon visit, be sure to speak with the manager or owner of the salon. Most reputable locations will try to make the client happy. At this point, you have to use your own judgment to know if you should leave a tip or not. Leaving a tip is usually the best idea, but it should be lessened if you truly weren't satisfied with the services you received.