How to care for escallonias

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Escallonias are delicate, warmth-loving shrubs that come in many attractive varieties. Although evergreen, they are delicate and cannot tolerate colder climates. Learn how to plant and care for escallonias so you can enjoy them year after year.

Plant escallonias only in locations that are warm in winter. These evergreen shrubs are hardy in areas with mild winters, such as those in the Gulf stream. Be sure that the spot you choose to plant the escallonias in will get southern sun exposure. This will help them grow strong and to not die off in the winter.

Choose a protected position for your escallonia bushes. A spot in the corner of walls or by a fence is a good choice. You can also plant these shrubs near other shrubs or trees that serve as a wind break of sorts.

Prepare the soil for escallonias carefully. They grow best with fertile soil with a lot of organic matter.The soil must also be well-drained. Adding compost and sand to your existing topsoil will help prepare a good spot for these shrubs.

Cut back the woody stems and branches of escallonia each year. To encourage vigorous new growth, remove a third of the old growth. This will help the escallonias grow more dense and improve branch strength. It will also encourage more flowers to grow and bloom.

Cover escallonia bushes with sacking, dust sheets or an old sheet whenever the temperature drops. This is especially necessary to prevent frost from damaging tender leaves and stems. If you are in an area prone to frosts and freeze, escallonias may not be the best choice of shrub for you.

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