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The average salaries of nurse anesthetists

Updated July 19, 2017

To become a nurse anaesthetists, you must first have a license as a registered nurse, then you may specialise in anaesthesia. Salaries for nurse anaesthetists vary based on several individual and company factors. Individual factors include a person’s level of experience and any type of certification of additional certification. Company factors include the type of company as well as its location.

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An individual’s level of experience is often a large determinant in their salary potential. Generally, those with the most experience have the highest salaries. This remains predominantly true for nurse anaesthetists. those with 20 plus years of experience have a reported salary range of £80,795 to £102,635 while those with less than a year of experience have a salary range of £59,410 to £87,295 according to PayScale.com. Between the two extremes, those with 5 to 9 years of experience have a salary range of £72,345 to £100,750 as of April 2010.


Nurse anaesthetists may acquire certifications to enhance their salary potential. Those with the credential of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) have a reported salary range of £69,810 to £98,540 as of April 2010. According to PayScale, those with the ACLS credential, or Advanced Cardiac Life Support, have a salary range of £79,495 to £102,505. Nurse anaesthetists with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification have the widest variance in salaries with a reported range of £58,500 to £99,190.

Employer Type

While many nurses anaesthetists may work for hospitals, many other types of organisations hire them as well. As of April 2010, those working for hospitals have a salary range of £63,440 to £94,575, according to PayScale. Those working for the government may earn slightly less. Nurse anaesthetists working for the federal government have a salary range of £55,510 to £93,600, while those working for the state or local governments have a salary range of £51,610 to £90,935.


With the variation in cost of living from city to city, salaries for nurses anaesthetists also vary. Those working in New York City have the highest salary range, with reported incomes that generally fall between £57,850 to £100,880, according to PayScale. Those working in Miami have the largest variance in income, with a salary range of £39,650 to £96,980. Nurse anaesthetists working in Los Angeles have a salary range of £75,400 to £97,565, and those in Dallas have a range of £62,790 to £86,190 as of April 2010.


Nurse anaesthetists may also receive a benefit package along with a salary. The most popular reported benefit is a 401(k) according to PayScale. Paid holidays and vacations are also popular benefits granted, as is malpractice/liability insurance. Many nurse anaesthetists also receive life or disability insurance, paid sick leave and reimbursement for education, training and tuition. Some nurse anaesthetists may receive a 403(b) plan. This is not as common as of April 2010.

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Cassidy Velez is a full-time freelance writer who has focused primarily on nutrition and health. She has published several articles with eHow. As an athlete and personal trainer, she has much experience with fitness and an understanding of how the human body works. Velez graduated with a bachelor's degree in human development from Cornell University.

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