What is the meaning of grasshoppers?

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Grasshoppers are long, slender, winged insects with powerful hind legs and brightly coloured wings. Some fly well, others poorly or not at all. They have three pairs of legs, all used for walking. The muscular hind legs are also used for jumping and for taking flight. Actor David Carradine's character had the nickname "Grasshopper" in the popular 1970s television series "Kung Fu" to emphasise the grasshopper's meaning.


A grasshopper's appearance indicates a time in which we will experience great leaps of happiness. It teaches us to trust our inner voice and to act upon it. The grasshopper can be an enlightening messenger of ingenuity, resourcefulness, joy and honour.

Grasshoppers were thought to be fertility symbols, specifically, omens of the birth of a son. The grasshopper also symbolises prosperity, wisdom and a leap of faith.

Cultural Beliefs

The locust, a type of grasshopper, became the object of many cults and spells in ancient Egypt. It also appears in hieroglyphic texts.

In ancient Greece, the grasshopper is symbolic of tremendous leaps of faith, jumps in progress and consistent forward momentum.

In China, grasshoppers were kept as family pets. It was believed that grasshoppers embodied the personalities of deceased family members.

The grasshopper is considered a good luck symbol in Japanese culture.

Native American Medicine

Native Americans' animal medicine practice is the belief in healing and growth that occurs by the spiritual lessons embodied in a specific animal. If you had grasshopper medicine, it would lead you to make a leap of faith toward something or someone and to trust your inner voice. Grasshoppers only jump forward, not backward or sideways. Therefore, grasshopper tells you not to look to the past, only toward the future.


Dreams are visions or images that occur in our minds while sleeping. A grasshopper in your dream can symbolise freedom, independence or spiritual enlightenment. It is also associated with astral travel, when the soul or spirit leaves the body during sleep but remains connected to the body by a silver chord. Astral travel allows one to leap like a grasshopper through time and space, where the true mysteries of life exist.


A totem is a symbolic emblem of an individual or a clan that has an affiliation. An animal totem is a specific animal that is identified with spiritually.

A grasshopper totem can represent qualities of stability, solidarity, patience and security. People associated with the grasshopper totem like to aim high. This totem appeals to people in the arts, such as artists, musicians and dancers.

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