Mirtazapine for ADHD Treatment

Mirtazapine, also known as Remeron, is a medication most often used to treat depression. It also is used for people with ADHD who are suffering from the side effects of stimulant drugs prescribed for their condition.


Loss of appetite and insomnia are the most common side effects of ADHD medication.

Stimulant Effects

As common side effects of Mirtazapine include drowsiness, increased appetite and weight gain, Mirtazapine can be used to treat problems associated with ADHD stimulants.

Allergic Reaction

Serious allergic reactions are rare. Symptoms can include rash, itching, swelling and difficulty breathing. Patients should seek medical attention immediately if any of these symptoms are experienced.

Important Considerations

Many people, especially those under age twenty-five, can experience an increased risk of suicidal thoughts/actions with the use of Mirtazapine. Be sure to notify your doctor immediately if you notice a change in mood or behaviour.


Before beginning treatment with Mirtazapine, it is important to wait at least 14 days after taking a MAO inhibitor (a type of antidepressant). Life-threatening complications can occur if the MAO inhibitor has not cleared the system.

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