The Average Cost of a Tummy Tuck With a Hysterectomy

There are financial benefits to combining a tummy tuck—also called an abdominoplasty—with a hysterectomy. Women who receive both procedures concurrently have to pay only one anaesthesiologist and go through only one recovery period, cutting the overall cost of hospital stays and medications.

New Choice Health medical cost comparison service states the national average cost for a hysterectomy is £16,510, and tummy tucks range from £1,950 to £5,525, according to Your Plastic Surgery Guide.

Insurance Coverage

Though a surgeon might recommend a woman undergo a full abdominal hysterectomy, the majority of insurance companies will not cover a full hysterectomy unless there is proof of cancer. In such cases, the patient may consider a partial hysterectomy, as vaginal, laparoscopic-assisted vaginal or endometrial ablation hysterectomies are more commonly covered by insurance. Tummy tucks, on the other hand, are rarely if ever covered by insurance unless proven to be a medical concern. In this event, the surgeon must submit medical proof to the insurance provider.

Multiple Surgeons

Choosing the right surgeon can greatly reduce your cost as well; some surgeons can perform both procedures, reducing additional surgeon fees. When two surgeons—a medical surgeon and a plastic surgeon—must work together and coordinate same-day surgeries, the compounded fees may add significantly to the final cost.

Associated Treatments

Not only does a hysterectomy prevent a woman from carrying children, hysterectomies can have devastating emotional repercussions due to the change in hormonal levels, causing depression and anxiety, and the financial burden of the process. However, women who undergo a simultaneous abdominoplasty report feeling that the results are worth the longer recovery time: “This morning I put on a dress jacket I haven’t worn in over 4 years, and it buttoned right up. I weighed at the doctor’s office yesterday, and since my surgery, I have lost 5.44kg.” This patient, who experienced duo surgeries, said the confidence boost from the tummy tuck helped alleviate some of the emotional trauma of the hysterectomy.

Geographical Location

Costs of a tummy tuck with a hysterectomy depend greatly on where the surgery is performed. According to New Choice Health, although the national average for a hysterectomy is $25,400, the same surgery in Alaska is $96,100, compared to the national low in North Dakota of $12,600. When it comes to tummy tucks, there are three major cost factors: the anaesthesiologist fee ($500 to $700), facility fee ($700 to $1,000) and the surgeon fee ($3,500 to 6,000), according to Your Plastic Surgery Guide.

Benefits of Dual Surgeries

Women who choose partial hysterectomies over full ablations due to insurance concerns are at risk for future hysterectomy-related surgeries. Though the more minor surgery can seem like a cost-saving solution, the end result is often greatly increased medical bills as well as additional recovery times.