Materials Used to Recover Patio Swing

Image by, courtesy of cassandra lavalle

The proper maintenance of outdoor furniture can reduce the need for repairs and replacement. However, with age and excessive use, materials can wear away or become less resistant to water damage. Patio swings accommodate more than one person, exposing the fabric to more stress than other pieces of outdoor furniture.

Choosing the appropriate fabric and materials can be a daunting task, but one that can turn out to be a fun and educational experience.


The fabrics available to recover your patio swing must have the qualities required to withstand outdoor use. They must be liquid-, stain-, fade-, rot- and mildew-resistant. They can be vinyl, polyester or chemically treated, along with a host of other features. You can purchase solids, stripes, prints, mesh or any custom design you like.


Acrylic is a soft cloth textured material with the feel of canvas. Acrylic linen has a much softer feel and lacks the tight weave of acrylic-only fabric. Both are dyed with a solution and then woven into fabric. Each retains its colour for years and cleans easily.

Spun Polyester

Made of 100 per cent polyester, this fabric is similar to canvas with a soft cloth fabric feel, and sometimes offered with a silky texture. Its open-weave design allows the fabric to stay cool and inviting.


This fabric begins with a resilient, threadlike polyester core that is layered with pigmented PVC and then woven into an extremely enduring fabric. It retains its colour and is resistant to mildew, heat, stains, soil and abrasions. The material is not very flexible but it does have a slick plastic texture.


Solution-dyed woven threads are used to weave a fabric whose pattern is created by weaving coloured threads. Woven fabrics have a soft texture but often feel bumpy or a little coarse. The open-weave construction assures a cool and comfortable fabric.


Woven fabric made from solution-dyed olefin fibre has the texture of a soft cloth and the feel of canvas. Its fade-resistant, open-weave design stays cool and resists abrasions, stains and mildew.

Marquesa Blend

This unique fabric blend combines the stability of PVC and the softness of olefin. This textured fabric has a smooth but rippled feel and can be considered slightly coarse. Its ease of care, water-repellent and antimicrobial properties make it a prime candidate for industrial use.