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Men with big foreheads due to a receding hairline or a naturally high hairline have a particularly difficult time finding haircuts and hairstyles that camouflage their most prominent facial feature.

In most cases, growing the hair long is not an option; therefore, it is important to choose the right style that will hide the forehead and work well with the individual’s type and texture of hair. The most aesthetically pleasing male face shape is square. Haircuts and styles should attempt to make every male face shape appear square and, at the same time, reduce the overall appearance of the forehead.

Long Styles

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Long haircuts for men with prominent foreheads are tricky because the length and weight of the hair usually pulls the style back and away from the hairline, drawing attention to the forehead. To prevent this from happening, long styles should be softly layered around the front. Slicked back and feathered styles should be avoided. Softly falling styles that include a great deal of texture in the bang are recommended.

Medium Styles

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Medium haircuts provide the most versatility to a man with a large forehead. Medium cuts include the layer cut (shag), curly styles and most retro cuts. Medium-length cuts provide a great deal of layers that soften the appearance of a large forehead. The versatility of medium cuts also gives the wearer many styling options. Medium cuts can be styled over the forehead without giving the style an unkempt look. To reduce the appearance of a large forehead, medium styles should be styled so that only a portion of the forehead shows.

Short Styles

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Short hairstyles are the most popular types of haircuts among men. According to, short cuts are ideal because they look great on most men regardless of facial shape and hair texture. Styles with a side part or side bang often work best for men with large foreheads. Other styles that might work include fades with a medium front bang. If the fringe are worn straight across, they need to be textured with a razor or thinning shear to soften the line of the bang and aid in styling.

Super-Short Styles

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If the hairline is noticeably receding, a super-short cut can help hide the issue. Longer hair tends to emphasise balding or thinning spots; whereas, short hair appears thicker. Super-short cuts include crew cuts, fades, buzzes, flat tops and all other types of clipper cuts.

Styling Tips

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Gels and mousses are applied to the hair while it is wet. Once dry, hair styled with these products can appear sparse and weighed down. The best products for thinning hair are styling waxes, pomades and texture creams. These products are applied to the hair after it has been blow dried and results in a thick, matt finish.