How much does rotator cuff surgery cost?

The rotator cuff consists of a group of muscles and tendons that support the shoulder during movement. With repetitive movement, overuse or a traumatic injury caused from playing sports, tears in the tendons and muscles may occur. Many times, with home treatment, the shoulder will heal. If the injury is severe enough, surgery will need to be performed.

Average Surgery Cost

According to an online article by Blue Cross Blue Shield, "Surgical Treatment for a Rotator Cuff Tear," the cost for rotator cuff surgery can vary from £195 to £9,750 for hospital expenses and between £146 to £3,087 for the physician fees. This depends on the type of surgery that is needed.

Arthroscopic Surgery

When the rotator cuff injury is minor and there are only partial tears to the tendons that support the shoulder, this kind of surgery may be recommended. Arthroscopic surgery is the least-invasive type of surgery. Many times this surgery can be performed as an out-patient, with no overnight stay. This will cut down on the cost of the procedure. The average cost for arthroscopic shoulder surgery is approximately £4,550.

Open Shoulder Surgery

A more severe injury will require a more-invasive surgery. Open shoulder surgery is more involved. There will be several incisions made, cuts will be made in the muscles, scar tissue will be removed and the tendons will be reattached to the bone. A hospital stay of two to five days can be possible. The average cost for open shoulder surgery is approximately £11,342.

Other Expenses

After surgery there will be several weeks of recovery before starting physical therapy. During this time there will be costs for medications. There will be a cost for weeks or months of physical therapy. Loss of wages may also factor in to the total cost of rotator cuff surgery.

Cost Variations

The cost for having either type of shoulder surgery will depend on several factors. Some physicians are more specialised and may charge more for their expertise and services. Hospital fees will vary depending on the region of the country where you live. As with physicians, physical therapist rates will vary.


Surgery is not always the answer to rotator cuff injuries. Consult with a sports doctor or an orthopaedic doctor to determine if surgery is the only solution to your injury. Given enough time, this injury could heal without surgery. If you do have to have surgery, get a quote prior to the surgery.

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