How much do prefabricated homes cost?

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Prefabricated homes can be ordered in all-inclusive packages, excluding labour and land, for approximately £46,800 to £169,000.

By talking with experts in your area about the cost of a building lot or acreage, labour costs, land preparation and legal paperwork associated with acquiring land and registering deeds, a homeowner can calculate a broad overall estimate in addition to the cost of building materials. To finalise a more exact figure, a detailed budget sheet must be worked out.

Most Affordable Packages

If a prefabricated home sells for around £46,800, a homeowner can expect to pay a total of £87,100 to £135,200. This home will have approximately 1,350 square feet of living space with three bedrooms and two baths. Cost range is affected by the quality of items such as kitchen cabinets, type of flooring used throughout, appliances, counter tops, plus landscaping selected.

Executive Homes Cost More

A prefabricated home costing £168,350 in materials only, will end up costing approximately £377,650 to £555,100 with the land costs, building costs and additional expenditures. This home will have an average of 6,200 square feet with two floors, a full basement, four bedrooms and three full baths. Amenities will include a brick or brick-and-stone exterior, porcelain and ceramic tilework in the kitchen and baths, granite countertops and garden tubs in the bathrooms.

Planning Stages and Breakout of Costs

A general contractor or expert builder can help a homeowner devise a timeline and scheduling plan for ordering the home's materials, acquiring the site and preparing the land, acquiring a contractor to dig the footings and build the foundation, frame the home, install exterior siding and finish up the interior. All appropriate city or county permits for electrical and plumbing work must be obtained as well. Only a reputable contractor can list each step of all planning in subsequent stages and attach a definitive cost for every expenditure that is appropriate for the locale. Labor and other costs vary by region and city.

Deciding Where to Hold Back Costs

Building a prefabricated home entails choices about how to appropriate funding allowed by the lender or mortgage holder. Money is typically released in increments by the lender, upon inspection of prior completion of a specific phase of building. Homeowners can cut costs on cabinetry, floor coverings, exterior siding and so forth. Quality plumbing materials, electric supplies and labour are not necessarily good places to reduce spending. Bids should only be accepted from respected firms or individuals recommended by other builders in the community.

Prefabricated Homes Can Cost Millions

Large prefabricated homes with vaulted ceilings, giant timbers, expanded floor-to-ceiling windows and floor space exceeding 7,000 square feet can easily cost one to two million dollars. Impressive prefabricated homes are often purchased for building sites in mountain or seaside areas populated by wealthy families or tenants needing a well-built and well-designed home assembled in less time than a home built on site would require.