The best make-up foundation for high humidity weather

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Humid weather can really wreak havoc on your skin, leaving your make-up streaked and runny. Finding the perfect foundation to use can be tough, but it's not impossible. There is a light at the end of the hot and humid tunnel.


High humidity does a horribly thorough job of making your skin oily and shiny. A recommended foundation for this type of weather is one that can provide great coverage while combating the pitfalls of the humid weather -- excessive moisture, namely. Even on a hot and humid day, wearing foundation is still an option.


A few different types of foundations handle high humidity well. The key is using powder makeup instead of plain old liquid. Powder makeup does a wonderful job of absorbing excess oils and moisture caused by high humidity. Powder makeup is available in a variety of types, including pressed and loose powders, liquid to powder and mineral makeup. Each provides a specific defense against humidity. For the highest humidity levels, use any of the foundation types listed above, but always carry a compact of pressed powder for touch-ups throughout the day.


Foundation that works well in high-humidity weather needs to have absolutely no oil, natural or otherwise, in the list of ingredients found on the back of the package. Avoiding oil shouldn’t be a problem when choosing powder makeup, but for the cream-to-powder foundations, the formula must be water based. Avoid any makeup that claims to help the face stay moisturised, including tinted moisturiser.


Each available type of foundation has specific advantages. For instance, pressed powder is ideal to use for dabbing at the nose or other shiny areas. Loose powder foundation will carry the same benefits of pressed powder, and then some. However, the loose texture requires application with a big soft brush, making easy fixes not as convenient as with the pressed powder. Using cream-to-powder foundation can be useful in high humidity, because it offers the full coverage of a liquid foundation but carries the same oil-absorbing qualities of a powder. And mineral makeup is ideal for use in high humidity, because it has absorbing qualities that are even higher than those of an average powder.


To apply the foundation, start with a clean, dry face. Dab small circles of cream-to-powder foundation on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Blend together with a clean makeup sponge. Top with either pressed or loose powder to seal the finish. If you want to wear mineral makeup instead, add only a little at a time, because excessive amounts of it can make your skin look aged or masked. Throughout the day, use a compact of pressed powder to complete any touch-ups needed, especially in the oil-prone T-zone -- the forehead, nose and chin.

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