The average cost of refacing kitchen cabinets

Refacing your kitchen cabinets is a great way to bring new life to your old kitchen. It costs a fraction of an entire remodel and usually only takes a few days. You can save money by doing it yourself or hire a professional.

Job Scope

A basic cabinet refacing consists of installing new cabinet doors and drawer fronts as well as covering the face frames with matching veneer. Jobs typically take two to four days. More elaborate projects include new countertops, trim, shelves, internal accessories and drawer glides. Larger projects may take more time but are still less intrusive than an entire kitchen remodel. You don't have to deal with several different contractors or have a kitchen that is unusable for weeks.


The type of material used is the biggest cost factor in a refacing project. Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) is the least expensive. It is a vinyl foil moulded over a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) door. RTF can be moulded in a variety of door styles, including raised panels and arched doors. Solid colours and wood look-alikes are available. It is very durable and easy to clean.

Plastic laminates are slightly more expensive that RTF. They are not as durable as RTF but offer more colours as well as realistic-looking wood grains. Plastic veneer doors are limited to plain styles because the laminate is not malleable.

Most expensive is wood veneer. It can cost about 10 per cent to 25 per cent more than RTF or laminate. Veneers come in several popular wood species, such as oak, maple, birch and cherry. Custom woods are also available as well as a large selection of stains and colours.

Other Cost Influences

Size and scope of the project is the next leading factor affecting cost. The cost will vary significantly depending on how many cabinets need to be refaced and what options are included. Many projects don't stop at just the basics of new doors and drawers. Added organizational accessories improve the function of the kitchen but also raise the cost.

Most people opt for replacing the door and drawer hardware at this point. Hinges and handles get a lot of wear and tear and if you are already going through the process of removing everything, it is easier to change the hardware. shows handles that range from £6 to £78.

Know exactly what is included in your project if you hire a professional so there are no surprises at the end.

Average Prices

According to, expect to pay about £650 to £1,950 for a basic professional job with RTF or plain laminate. Wood veneers range from £1,625 to £3,900. Sears offers refacing at some stores and estimates the average job at £2,600 to £3,900. One kitchen can cost anywhere from £650 to £5,850 depending on how detailed the project is.

A do-it-yourself job is the most economical choice. Materials cost about £130 to £325 without countertops or accessories. Expect to spend more if you need to buy speciality products. The doors, drawers and veneers are usually available through special ordering at supply stores. It is a time-consuming process and might take longer than if a professional does it.


Refacing kitchen cabinets can be economical as well as convenient. It can provide the look of a new kitchen without the expense or hassle or a complete remodel. Many options are available that will fit almost any budget. Whether you choose to do it yourself or rely on a professional, refacing can be a smart solution.