Does Vitamin B1 Repel Mosquitoes?

Whether it's the beginning of spring, the heat of summer or cooler fall days, mosquitoes seem to have no trouble finding you. You've tried the repellents, but don't like the smell or the feeling of them on your skin.

You want an alternative and there are many websites that will tell you to take vitamin B1 to repel the little buggers, but does it work?

Mosquito Facts

The American Mosquito Control Association has studied mosquitoes extensively. Mosquitoes are more attracted to some people more than others. Dark clothing attracts mosquitoes and they are able to bite through tight fitting clothing. Standing water attracts mosquitoes and gives them a place to breed.

Vitamin B1 Facts

Vitamin B1 is one of eight B vitamins. It is also called thiamine. As with all the other B vitamins it converts food into energy, B1 is also responsible for protecting your immune system. The average recommended daily amount of B1 for adults is 1.5 mg, any more than that will be secreted by your body through sweat.

What is the Claim?

There have been studies done in the quest to find out if taking vitamin B1 will repel mosquitoes. The unsubstantiated claim is that when you take up to 300 mg of vitamin B1 per day your body will secrete an odour undetected by humans, but that mosquitoes find abhorrent and will result in keeping the mosquitoes away.

The Results

Unfortunately there is not any proof to be found that taking vitamin B1 will ward off those pesky mosquitoes. The University of Wisconsin conducted studies with humans taking vitamin B1 in a laboratory setting. The outcome provided no evidence to suggest using vitamin B1 had any affect on the mosquitoes.

What Can You Do?

According to the American Mosquito Control Association the best way you can ward off mosquitoes is by following three rules: drain any standing water, dress in light coloured clothing, as it's unattractive to most mosquitoes, and defend yourself using repellents approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, such as those containing the ingredient Deet and lemon eucalyptus oil. Check the repellent labels for the recommended usage for children. Repellents do not kill the mosquitoes, but they do help in keeping them away from you.