Side Effects of Opalescence

Opalescence is a whitening system that can be done in a dental office, at home or a combination of both. Opalescence is easy to use, and has limited side effects associated with it. Three different systems exist, and range from a price of £48 to £325 according to


Opalescence is accepted by the American Dental Association. Opalescence has three different systems. The first is the one that comes with disposable trays that already have the whitening gel in them. This system is the least expensive and is done at home. The second system is a combination of at-home and in-office whitening. The dentist will make custom trays and the patient uses these trays at home with whitening gel. The third system is also a combination of at home and at office procedure. A gel that is chemically activated is used and immediate results are present after the procedure. It is recommended that whitening with a tray and gel are used at home to maximise whitening potential.


According to, Opalescence is used to whiten teeth before a patient gets composite, veneers or crowns, although it can be used to whiten teeth that do not have composite, veneers or crowns. lists Opalescence as a solution to the following staining factors: drinking tea, coffee, red wine, smoking, calculus or tartar build-ups or below surface staining.


According to, the Opalescence process can be done as early as one week, but can last up to four weeks. The first step of at-home whitening is to visit a dentist that will make the tray for the treatments. An impression is necessary so that the tray fits properly. offers steps for after the trays have been made. The first step is to apply gel and seat the tray over teeth. Excess gel should then be removed. The tray is to be worn for 30 to 60 minutes. After this time period, the tray is to be removed, and teeth should be brushed free of remaining gel. This process is to be repeated for as many days as your dentist recommends.

Side Effects

Side effects as listed by are teeth becoming cold sensitive while the procedure is taking place, or after the procedure is completed. Sensitivity should only last a few days after the treatment is complete. This is the only side effect, making Opalescence an optimal choice when limited side effects are a major concern.

Pros lists several pros to using Opalescence. These pros include convenience, comfort, minimal side effects, multiple flavours to choose from and improved dental health. All of these make Opalescence appealing to at home teeth whitening users.