Tooth Crown Problems

Tooth crowns can be worrying with all the work required to put them in place. Usually they are entirely safe, but sometimes problems develop after the crown is in place.


Three main types of problems can occur with dental crowns. One very common problem is sensitivity. Other, more serious problems that may occur are cracks and loose crowns. If you become concerned about any of these problems, speak to your dentist.


Symptoms of dental crown sensitivity include sharp pains when in contact with hot or cold drinks. This can be a sign of a problem with the nerve underneath the tooth, or it may just be an effect of the crowning procedure. Cracked dental crowns may have a sharp roughness. Loose dental crowns will be unsteady under pressure and may be sensitive to hot or cold foods.


If severe sensitivity is present under a dental crown and there is a problem with the nerve, then a root canal may be necessary. This can be done through dental crowns. Cracked crowns can have fillings, just like natural teeth, depending on the severity of the crack. Loose crowns need replacements.

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