Cushions for Buttock Pain

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Cushions for buttock pain are used for many conditions. Haemorrhoids, surgical procedures and injury can leave you needing extra cushioning for that area while sitting down. Many cushions sold for this conditionwork well. Then there are some that are not marketed for this use, that work just as good.

All can be used in the privacy of your own home with some working better for use while out in public, such as at your work desk.

Medical Air Cushions

Air rings are sold as cushions in most pharmacies. These cushions can be blown up and offer light to firm support depending on the amount of air that is put into them. They work well at a work desk and when riding in a car. The plus to this type of cushion is that it can be regulated to supply the amount of cushioning needed in the different stages of the medical condition. These come in many different styles and the price fluctuates depending on the quality of ring that you purchase.

Tube Air Cushions

A child's swimming tube can offer the same service as a medical air cushion and it is the fraction of the cost. The quality is not there as far as some of the coverings offered with the medical version, but when covering it with a towel it offers the exact support and comfort. It works the same in allowing you to regulate the air for the proper individual cushioning effect. You can purchase one of these tubes for less than £1.30 in many discount and pool stores.

Memory Foam Cushions

The memory foam doughnut cushion is used for relieving buttocks pain when you sit. These are sold at most pharmacies. It is in the shape of a doughnut with a hole cut out of the middle much like the air rings. The memory foam allows your buttocks the cushioning without feeling a direct pressure point. This foam conforms to your body. This is another cushion you can take with you where ever you go.

Heating Pad and Cushion

Depending on the origin of your buttocks pain, you can use a cushion with a heating pad on top of it. If the pain is from an injury or haemorrhoids, the low heat can be very soothing to the area. Put a towel on a heating pad and lay this on a chair cushion. This should only be used for 20 minutes at a time with the heat on low to prevent burns. This warming cushion can be used a few times a day to provide relief to the area.

Bean Bag Cushion

Cushions stuffed with tiny styrofoam pellets, much like the consistency of a bean bag, are also sold to sit on. This is another cushion that conforms to your bottom and does not cause pressure points which can add to the pain. Some of these types of cushions have heat and vibrate, offering a heated massage effect for an injured area, such as a muscle strain or hurt tail bone. You can buy these where ergonomic furniture is sold. These can be pricey especially with the vibrate and heat mode options.

Traditional Chair Cushion

When needing a light cushioning effect, a kitchen chair cushion would work well in a car or on your office chair at work. These come in many thicknesses and cushion types that will go with any office decor. This type of cushion allows you modesty by not screaming to coworkers that you are experiencing pain in the buttock area. It looks more like a cushion for extra comfort rather than one for addressing a medical problem.