Health & Safety Rules in Schools

Health and safety rules in schools are intended to provide students with a safe atmosphere in which to learn. They also are intended to provide teachers and other staff with a safe place to work.

Health and safety rules are put into place in accordance with local codes and regulations to make sure that all schools are safe. Health and safety rules include rules for building safety, activity safety, health safety, event safety and occurrence safety.

Building Safety Rules

Each school has rules that revolve around building safety. Building safety means providing a safe and secure building for school. These rules include rules about which materials can and cannot be used to construct a school building, and rules about how buildings must be painted, insulated and maintained. They also include rules about electricity and water in buildings and how these things should be kept safe for use. Building safety rules come from building codes set forth by OSHA and the National Education Association, among other places.

Activity Safety Rules

There are school safety rules that concern the activity that goes on during a school day and in the school building. These are rules about handling equipment, working with art supplies, running in hallways and being nice to other students. Activity safety rules also include rules about before- and after-school activities, such as safety rules for sports, rules about who can participate in sports and rules about how activities within a school should be conducted.

Health Safety Rules

Health safety rules help keep a school healthy and free of disease. These are rules that include stipulations about how food is prepared and stored in a school, as well as about who can come to school when they are sick. These rules include regulations about air ducts and ventilation, and rules about chemicals and products that can be used in schools.

Event Safety Rules

Many schools host events. There are rules that govern the safety of participants and spectators at these events. These rules include guidelines about who can partake in the events and about what they can do at those events. Event rules will also determine what can be sold or distributed at events and what types of events can happen on school property.

Occurrence Safety Rules

School safety rules must also include rules and procedures for occurrences that might happen during the school day. These include weather procedures--such as what to do during thunderstorms, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and blizzards. They also include rules about terrorist attacks, attacks from students or outsiders and natural disasters such as fires or earthquakes. These occurrence rules need to be tested and practised for them to work properly.