Grants available for animal shelters

There are many animal lovers that have set up grants to help in the sheltering of animals. There are grants for animals that are victims of their owner's home foreclosure and ones that will help house animals that are homeless under any circumstance.

Some of the bigger pet supply businesses have set up grants to help animal shelters too.

American Humane Association

The American Humane Association has grants in three different areas. One of the grants goes as high as £1,300 and is set up to help with the pets that are victims of home foreclosures. They also offer the Meacham Foundation Memorial Grant with funding up to £2,600 that can go for building improvements and be used for needed equipment. This money is available as long as it directly affects the welfare of animals in shelters. Their Second Chance Fund gives animals that were abused, homeless or neglected a second chance on life and it is available to any shelter that houses these animals.

Pet Companies That Offer Grants

Grants are available from the Petco Foundation. Their site allows you to add your animal charity to their list that awards grants as they become available. The offer funding to shelters to help with adoption and also with the spay and neutering of animals.

Pet Smart Charities has grant programs that help animal shelters in various ways. To apply for their grants you can download the forms right from their site. They have helped in many emergency rescue situations. Their main interest is in helping agencies that rescue homeless pets and adopt them out for companions.

Banfield Charitable Trust

The Banfield Charitable Trust has grants for many different things that have to do with an animal shelter, from preventive medicine to educating children about pets.

Maddie's Fund

Maddie's Fund is another organisation that supports animals with millions of dollars of funding available. They offer some of the larger grants, which would help animal shelters in many ways. They offer many different funding opportunities, from starter grants to grants for spaying and neutering animals. They give priority to no-kill animal shelters.

United Animal Nations and Pedigree Foundation

The Lifeline Grant Program is offered by United Animal Nations. They offer this grant to animal rescue organisations for a variety of needs. Applications are available online.

Animal shelters can apply for a grant from the Pedigree Foundation. This foundation has awarded many grants to shelters all over the United States. Most likely there is a shelter in your area that is a recipient of this grant.

Lifeline Rescue Program

For emergency veterinary expenses, the Lifeline Rescue Program offers grants to animal shelters. The grants are to help with the high cost of caring for animals' medical needs. Proper medical care is costly, causing most animal shelters to struggle in this area.

Gold Stock Fund

Grants provided by the Gold Stock Fund are given to rescue organisations to pay for transportation, boarding, evaluations and medical costs of golden retrievers and golden-hearted dogs taken into rescue. Every dog is a golden-hearted dog.