The History of Brownie Uniforms

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The Brownie Scouts organisation is typically for 7- and 8-year-old girls, but the age requirement varies from state to state. You may have seen them wearing the brown uniforms with their sashes and badges, attending their after-school meetings or participating in special events with pride.

The brown uniforms symbolise that a girl has entered the next level of the Girl Scouts experience. The uniform has changed through the years, but the girls still wear the standard colour of brown. Though the Brownie Scouts began in United States in 1916, the organisation of Brownies originated in England, and today, Brownies are in many countries across the globe. There are five unique levels of girl scouting through which to go.

The Brownie and Her Uniform

When a girl joins the national organisation of the Girl Scouts at an early age, she makes her way to the top of the ladder (a senior girl scout). Girls start at the bottom as a girl scout daisy. It is when girls are in the second and third grades that they becomes a brownie, and the uniforms for such girl scouts are as different as night and day. As a daisy Girl Scout, the primary colour is blue, but when she graduates to the next level of scouting in the Bridging Ceremony, the daisies become brownies. Tthe official standard colour of their uniforms becomes brown.

In The Beginning

When the brownies scouts first came upon the scene in the early 1900s, the first actual brownie uniform was blue.

In the beginning, all brownie scouts wore skirts and blouses in the colours of blue or brown. It wasn't until after 1917 that an actual brown tunic began to be worn by the scouts.

The first brownie scouts also adorned their uniforms with brown neck ties, regardless if they were wearing the blue or brown uniform. In 1938, the official tie colour was changed to gold. By 1950, the brownie uniform was complemented with the traditional brown beanie.

A New Look for the Brownies

As modern times rolled in, the Brownie uniform began to take on another new look, giving it an updated appearance. In 1967, the neck tie was replaced with a small criss-cross tie that fit under the collar. By 1973, the beret was updated to a pom-pom style hat, and by the year 2000, the modern day Brownie began dressing themselves in yellow and brown uniforms with the brownie logo on items, such as sweat shirts, T-shirts and blouses.

Accessories to the Uniform

A brownie scout in complete uniform will also be wearing a brown vest or a sash. The garments display all of her try-its patches and awards that show her accomplishments during the brownie level. When a brownie is wearing the vest or sash, she will adorn it with the American Flag patch, a membership pin and a bridge patch that shows that she entered into the next level of the scouts. Her vest or sash may hold a safety award patch, a journey award patch and membership stars. You will also see her troop number patch, as well as the insignia tag bearing the prized gold brownie pin.

From the Past to the Present

Today, if you have a 7- or 8-year-old daughter, she will be happy to wear the modern version of the brownie scout uniform. Brownies will be sporting pink and yellow brownie Girl Scout baseball caps and either brownie cargo trousers or a brownie skort. The traditional brown beanie is still an option.

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