The Side Effects of Microgynon 20 ED

A monophasic hormonal birth control pill, Microgynon 20 is known as Alesse in the United States and by Microgynon in other countries. This type of pills gives women three weeks of active hormone pills and then a week of placebo/sugar pills, allowing her body to menstruate.

Most periods are lighter and shorter as a result of using the pill. Users may also experience spotting or breakthrough bleeding until the body is adjusted to the hormones being provided to it daily. Additional side effects can occur as a result of using Microgynon 20.


In addition as a pregnancy prevention device, Microgynon 20 is also used to treat various women's health conditions. These include menorrhagia or heavy periods, dysmenorrhoea or painful periods as well as endometriosis. Severe cases of PMS and other menstrual irregularities are also common uses of Microgynon 20.

How Microgynon 20 Works

As a hormonal contraceptive method, Microgynon helps to override a woman's regular menstrual cycle. This birth control method is extremely helpful for those women who experience menstrual irregularities such as random periods, heavy cycles or painful symptoms as a result of having one's period.

Hormonal birth control pills prevent eggs from ripening and because of this, the body believes that it has menstruated already. This results in a shorter and lighter period for those using Microgynon 20 or any other hormonal birth control pill. The pill is taken each day at the same time of day, in order for the body to adjust to the hormones provided to it orally.

Side Effects

Some side effects of Microgynon 20 include,and are not limited to, vomiting, nausea, retention of water, breakthrough bleeding, spotting, dizzy spells, fainting, changes in weight, breast tenderness, depression, lowered sex drive, increased blood pressure, liver problems, increased risk of blood clots and gallstones. These side effects are uncommon, however some women may experience some of them during the onset of her use of Microgynon 20. If any of the side effects mentioned persist, consult your doctor for further advice.


Countless menstrual irregularities can occur as a result of using Microgynon 20. Breakthrough bleeding and spotting is not uncommon and should stop after three months of using Microgynon 20. Additional severe symptoms can occur: chest pain, painful breathing, speech impairment, seizures and yellowing of the skin. If any of the symptoms occur, stop taking Microgynon 20 immediately and consult a doctor for medical help.


Microgynon 20 should not be used by women who smoke, have heart disease or high blood pressure in their family, are diabetes patients or are over 35. Additional pre-existing health conditions may deter the use of Microgynon 20. These include Crohn's Disease, gallstones, kidney problems and a family history of breast cancer. Also, never use a birth control pill when you suspect you may be pregnant or if you are breastfeeding as hormones can be passed through breast milk.