Hall Decorating Ideas

Even though your hallway is often a space just passed through, that doesn't mean you shouldn't decorate it. Decorating your hall allows you to keep a welcoming look going throughout your home.

By placing a few decor touches in a small space, you can add a little something extra to your home and give it a finished look.


Before you decorate anything in the hallway, paint any walls first. Often adding a touch of colour to your hallway can warm it up for family and friends. While it isn't a significant change, because of the size of the space, it does change how you view the hallway. Either continue the colour scheme of connecting rooms to give a smooth flow from one room to the next, or select a complementary colour to give the hallway a different look.


Select a coordinating rug for the hallway. Several different varieties of hall carpet options are available. Often hall rugs are made to match larger-scale area rugs. If you are in the market for a new living room or dining room rug, it may be a good time to select a matching hallway rug with the same pattern and colour palette.


Depending on the size of your hallway and how wide it is, you can usually set a few smaller furnishings in the hall as accent pieces. Set a long, narrow table along one side of the hall, or place a small chair into a corner where it won't get in the way of doorways. Use small furniture items sparingly, however, so you don't crowd a space intended to be walked through.


More often than not, most halls have a single light or fixture. Check your home improvement store for a simple and affordable light fixture that suites your decor If you are satisfied with the look of your existing fixture, but still want something different, consider using a frosted bulb which can make the light more subtle and not as bright. If you have enough space for a small table, place a petite lamp on the table to adjust the lighting in the hallway.


With the paint dry on the walls, and any furniture or lamps set into the hall as you like them, you're ready to add to your walls. You can set anything along your walls that doesn't jut out too much. Items such as mirrors, photos in frames and small paintings work particularly well, while floating shelves usually aren't a good idea. Don't cover all of the wall area you have available, just select a few specific pieces to hang and leave an open feeling to your small space.