Funky Modern Interior Design Ideas

Some people assume modern decor means only minimalist or boring. However, there are many different paths home decorators can go when using modern style. Funky modernism can take the form of crafty DIY projects inspired by Etsy art, or it can have a bohemian aesthetic that evokes a Paris salon.

Funky design is an excellent option for people who want to integrate family heirlooms, flea market finds, junk yard gems, art collections and souvenirs from world travel into their home decor.


Bohemian modernism, or "BoMo," is a hot trend, incorporating art and lots of colours and textures. Wabi-sabi is another modern favourite; it emphasises the well-used and the well-loved but, unlike shabby chic design, keeps the look relatively clean and without ornamentation. With its classic, modular design, mid-century modernism is an enduring aesthetic.


Funky modern decor eschews the coordinated look of interiors past. Mismatched textiles, accessories and furnishings bring together a room simply because the objects reflect your unique aesthetic. For example, a small detail such as metallic gold thread can bring together a modern, India-inspired interior that incorporates saris as table coverings and window treatments. A bedroom might feature all repurposed pieces, such as a wrought iron bed frame painted periwinkle blue, an old door as a headboard and vintage fabric used as cafe-style curtains on the windows.


In funky modern interior design, function is key, but it must be delivered in style. Why settle for a plain Jane mirror when you can frame one with an ornate thrift shop frame that you spray paint gold? An armoire is ideal for hidden storage, but the doors are an ideal canvas for painting a border of groovy paisley or stencilling a trim of fleur-de-lis. An old spice rack needs only a coat of white paint to become a display shelf for a collection of sewing notions. Repurpose an old desk drawer by painting it or lining it with swatches from a Mexican vinyl tablecloth. Nail the drawer to the wall and it becomes a shadow box niche.


A funky modern interior feels welcoming. Collections and finds are on view to serve as focal points and start conversations. Bright throw pillows, floor cushions, rugs and mats provide soft landings for family and friends. Little details, such as a pom-pom trim on a pillow or a hand-painted border on a bookcase, bring the room to life and express your unique style.


The key benefit of funky modern decor is that it is always a work in progress. Consider your walls and rooms as galleries with the potential of hosting rotating displays. As new objects come into your life, find ways to integrate them with old pieces to create unique tableaux. Before you know it, your rooms will evolve into the next phase of your particular aesthetic.