Types of Chicken Feeders


There are several types of chicken feeders available on the market and are made for specific needs and uses. They can be large to small and made from a variety of plastics and metals. Common chicken feeders include chick feeders, troughs, treadle feeders, plastic poultry feeders and grit hoppers.

Chick Feeders

Chick feeders are small plastic troughs. They are used to feed up to 10 chicks. The feeder is made to accommodate the height of small chicks up to six weeks old. The chick feeder has a long base to prevent spillage. The trough is made to hold chick crumb.


Troughs are similar to chick feeders. They are long, rectangular-shaped boxes with long openings. Usually made from galvanised metal, food is scooped into them for feeding. Troughs vary in size and length, depending on the amount of chickens or hens that are fed. Trough feeders are easy to clean and less expensive than other types of feeders.

Treadle Feeders

Treadle feeders are commonly made of metal. They have an adjustable lid and handle. The treadle bears the weight of the bird and causes the feed tray to open. Once the bird leaves the treadle, the tray closes preventing pests from eating the feed.

Plastic Feeders

Plastic poultry feeders are commonly used in chicken farms. They are cone-shaped and made from plastic. Plastic feeders have a wire hanging handle and are lightweight. These types of feeders can be used for any sized bird. The food is loaded into the top of the cone where it fills a plastic tray attached to the bottom of the cone. The plastic tray is where the chickens feed from.

Grit Hoppers

A grit hopper is a metal device that holds feed. It can be stored inside or outside. Grit feeders have sloping lids that can swing open like a door. These are also used to prevent pests from eating the feed. Grit hoppers are smaller and more compact than other types of feeders.

Homemade Feeders

Feeders can also be made from several types of materials. A common homemade feeder is made from pvc pipe. Drain holes are drilled into the bottom to prevent rain build-up. Other materials used are sewer pipe, and plastic pipes. Fish feeders can also be used as chicken feeders.