Chambermaid duties

Chambermaids are the people who care for your room when you stay at a hotel. It is one of the most common professions in the hotel industry.

Job Description

When one guest checks out of the room, the chambermaid prepares the room for the next guest. The first step is to change the linens on the beds and disinfect and deodorise the room. The chambermaid will wipe down and polish the headboard, lamps, dresser, desk and all washable surfaces. He will make the bed using freshly washed linens and will pay special attention to special folds according to the motel's guidelines. Everything in the room should look and smell great. In the bathroom, the chambermaid will clean from top to bottom, cleaning and disinfecting all washable areas. He will clean the bath tub or shower area, clean and disinfect the sink, clean the mirror and vanity top and thoroughly clean and disinfect the bathroom floor. The chambermaid will remove the old towels from the bathroom and replace them with freshly laundered ones. The final duties of the chambermaid should be to vacuum the room and do a double check to make sure that nothing was missed in the initial cleaning of the room.

Sometimes A Guest Stays

Sometimes a guest might stay over for more than one night. In this case, the chambermaid will cater to their needs, coming it to clean their room. The chambermaid will make sure not to disturb the guest's belongings. They clean around the guest's items, clean the bathroom, make the beds and leave fresh towels and respond to any special request.

Education and Experience

There are no education or experience requirements to be a chambermaid. Some facilities might require a high school diploma or prior experience.

Salaries Vary Across The Globe

Monthly salaries for chambermaids vary greatly across the globe. The lowest paid chambermaids live in Romania and make £168 per month and work an average of 38.9 hours per week. The highest-paid chambermaids live in Norway, where they make £1,150 per month. In comparison, the United States average salary for chambermaids was £813 per month, and in Canada it was £876. The chambermaids that work the longest hours live in Hong Kong, where they work an average of 48.5 hours per week and make £794 per month.

Advancement Opportunities

A chambermaid in a larger hotel can advance to become a manager of the chambermaids or an executive housekeeper. In the United States, executive housekeepers make about £19,500 a year. One step above executive housekeepers is director of housekeeping, a job that brings in about £26,000 a year.

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