Causes of groin & hip pain

The groin and hip area are very important for proper movement. When pain develops in these locations, not only do daily activities get affected, but sleeping can also be difficult since you often times roll over and sleep on your side. There are various things that can cause hip and groin pain.

Some causes are acute and others are chronic.

Pulled Muscle

A pulled groin muscle is a major injury and when it takes place, pain is felt immediately and can linger for days afterward. This is a common injury in sports where there is a lot of explosive jumping and sharp movements such as football, hurdles and soccer. When this injury first happens, a popping sound can be heard and, after a while, the area on the front of the groin can become bruised due to broken blood vessels.


Arthritis is a condition that causes an inflammation of the joints. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are two common types that cause cartilage to get worn away, leading to inflammation on the lining of the joints. Arthritis can hit any joint on the body. When it targets the hip, stiffness and a great deal of pain can be felt because the hip is such a large joint and has to carry a lot of weight.


Right next to the joints, in between the muscles, tendons and ligaments, lies small fluid-filled sacs called bursa. Over the course of time, they can become swollen due to repetitive movements or from previous injuries. When this occurs, a condition called bursitis sets in that can cause pain and a lack of mobility.


Uric acid is a chemical that appears in the body from a substance called purines. Under normal circumstances, uric acid gets flushed out of the system in the urine. But when there is an overabundance of it, a condition called gout can develop. When this takes place, the uric acid pools up at joint locations and causes them to become swollen, tender and painful.


The front of the pubic bone is a location where several muscles get attached. Over the course of time, this area can become inflamed from muscular imbalances, running a lot of miles every week or from running on rough terrain. When this happens, a condition called osteitis pubis can appear. The pain from this starts at the pubic bone and can travel down to the hip and inside the groin.