The types of estrogen cream

There are many different types of oestrogen cream. Some may be from naturally derived oestrogen while others aren't.

Natural Estrogen

Natural oestrogen creams are made from human or plant (soy, yam) oestrogen, which makes it natural for humans to use. When the oestrogen is tailor made to the woman's body, it is called bioidentical oestrogen cream. Previous forms of oestrogen cream were made from horse's urine, and while horse oestrogen is similar to human oestrogen, it can never be the same. As a result, women using this form of oestrogen frequently experience negative side effects much stronger than with natural oestrogen cream.

Prescription Estrogen

Prescription oestrogen creams are only available by a prescription from your doctor. There are many different types of prescription oestrogen creams, some made from plant oestrogen and other from horse urine. Talk with your doctor about the oestrogen cream being prescribed to learn more about it and how it might affect your body.

Over-the-Counter Estrogen Creams

There are some forms of over-the-counter oestrogen creams; these, however, are not monitored by the Food and Drug Administration. As a result, the levels of oestrogen in each brand and even each batch can vary significantly. It's impossible to tell if there is more oestrogen in a subsequent purchase of over-the-counter oestrogen cream, or vice versa, so results can vary significantly. It is recommended that women talk with their doctors before experimenting with over-the-counter oestrogen creams.

Conjugated Estrogen Cream

Conjugated oestrogen creams are made from a combination of female oestrogen hormones. These natural oestrogen strive to replace the oestrogen the woman's body can no longer produce in adequate amounts. These creams are used to treat the vaginal changes caused by menopause.

Phytoestrogen Cream

Phytoestrogen helps a woman regulate her hormone levels anytime there is an imbalance. Many women use phytoestrogen creams to help with low sex drive, skin problems and even urinary incontinence.

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