A List of Different Types of Nurses

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There are many different types of nurses in the rewarding field of health care. The ever-growing career includes a wide range of specialities and each one requires specific training. The field of medicine is diverse and having nurses with specific sets of skills makes the task of caring for patients more efficient.

Certified Nursing Assistant

The most basic type of nurse is the CNA or certified nursing assistant. They are the backbone of the medical field and often deal with patients more than anyone else. These nurses are responsible for the everyday care of patients and their job entails bathing and feeding patients, and other generalised tasks. Becoming a CNA requires a short training course and a passing score on a state-required test. The average pay rate for these nurses is £8 per hour.

Licensed Practical Nurse

Another specific type of nurse is an LPN or licensed practical nurse. These nurses have to complete one year in an accredited college program and their skills go beyond those of a nursing assistant. LPNs provide patient care, but they are also involved in such things as passing out medications and giving injections. Although an LPN's job is similar to that of an RN, an LPN's responsibilities are not as involved as an RN's. An LPN earns £14 per hour on average.

Registered Nurse

RNs or registered nurses spend two years or more in college to achieve their degree. The everyday duties of an RN include such tasks as overseeing the work that CNAs and LPNs perform and caring for patients. Like an LPN, the RN is responsible for handing out medications. However, RNs are the only nurses that are allowed to handle controlled substances. RNs are often called upon to head the other nurses and may also be responsible for managing the work schedules of other nurses. The average hourly wage for an RN is £22.

Occupational Health Nurse

An occupational health nurse, or what some refer to as an licensed vocational nurse, is a professional that works in a wide variety of areas. These nurses are often the ones that take care of kids during school or care for an injured worker in a factory. Their training is much the same as any other nurse and requires a college degree. Upon graduating, an LVN has to pass a National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) administered by her state. The average hourly wage of an occupational health nurse is £20.

Public Health Nurse

A public health nurse is an RN who is trained to deal with health issues that affect the public. PHNs' training consists of the basic two-year nursing program with added years of schooling to obtain a bachelor's degree. A PHN keeps track of communicable diseases and epidemics in his region and administers immunisation to children.