How to Use Three Lane Roundabouts

They may be every student driver's nightmare. However, roundabouts are becoming more common as a means of efficiently improving the flow of traffic. The design may be simple, but it's very effective.

Due to traffic travelling in one direction on roundabouts, there has been a significant reduction in fatal and serious accidents. Learn the rules and you'll be cruising along to your destination instead of being stuck at traffic signals.

Approach the roundabout slowly to decide your exit point from the roundabout and to give yourself time to position yourself in the correct lane. There will be three lanes on your approach, with road markings. The one on your right is for taking an exit to your right or going straight, the middle lane is for going straight and the left lane is used for either going straight or turning left.

Take a right turn by positioning yourself in the right lane. Turn on your right indicator. Look left and yield to traffic already on the roundabout. When it's clear enter the roundabout, following the flow of traffic in a counterclockwise direction. Keep in the outer lane and take the first exit.

Drive straight through by positioning yourself in any of the three lanes on your approach. Yield to all traffic already on the roundabout. Keep in your lane. As you approach the first exit put your right indicator on and exit the roundabout on the second exit.

Position yourself to take a left turn by using the left lane. Signal left. Yield to all cars already on the roundabout, stay in the outermost lane, and when you approach the second exit, signal right. Take the third exit of the roundabout.

Perform a U-turn by positing yourself in the left lane. Signal left, and yield to all oncoming traffic. Merge into the traffic keeping in the left lane. As you approach the third exit, signal right. Exit the roundabout using the fourth exit.