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About velcro rollers

A common misconception about Velcro rollers is that they damage hair because of the snarls and tangles that result when they are taken out. There is a technique to removing these rollers effortlessly so that you can make the most of them. Once you learn how to use Velcro rollers, you will see how safe curling the hair can be with this convenient styling tool. You don't even have to worry about the damage caused by frequent and regular use, as with a curling iron.

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Although originally and technically a brand name, the word "Velcro" has now become generic. It refers to the hook-and-loop mechanism that commonly makes use of nylon and polyester to give closure to such items as clothing, sandals, bags and diapers. There are two ways in which Velcro is used on rollers. The tiny Velcro hooks which appear like fuzz either cover the entire roller surface or are present only in strips, such as on the outer edges of the cylinder. Since Velcro is what grips the hair in place with these curlers, rollers lined completely with Velcro are more efficient than the other kind. There are no standard diameters for Velcro rollers, but they come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different hair lengths.


Velcro rollers are used to curl hair or give it body without the aid of a securing device such as a hair clip. Women have even slept with these curlers on to get hair ready quickly in the morning, in which case a hair cap successfully prevents the rollers from being disturbed. While Velcro rollers are usually not thermal styling tools like flat irons and curling irons, there are heated Velcro rollers on the market for those who are used to relying on heat to create curls. However, this defeats the purpose of why many turn to Velcro rollers in the first place--heat can damage hair, hence the preference of some to stay away from curling irons. Those who prefer a curling iron but only have Velcro rollers and a hair dryer on hand can still use heat as a styling aid. Set hair and blow dry all over for five minutes. Put a hair cap on if you have one to lock in the heat. Take rollers out after 20 minutes.


When shopping for Velcro rollers, you may want to buy a pack containing at least three different sizes if you have medium to long, or layered hair. This allows you to match smaller rollers to shorter locks of hair and bigger rollers to longer locks. Even if you have one-length hair, you can create texture and a more natural appearance in your style by using different sizes of curlers. For those with very thick or very long hair, do not try to fit all of it on only one package of rollers; if it seems as though you have more hair than rollers, get two packs or else your hair will constantly unravel from the rollers. This misstep is what leads some users to think that Velcro rollers do not work at all or are less reliable than the conventional kind.


Setting the hair with Velcro rollers saves you time if you prefer to use unheated styling tools. As long as you roll just a thin section of hair that matches the width of the Velcro roller used, you can keep rolling your hair without stopping every time to grab a clip. Roll the hair all the way until the roller rests securely against your head and it will stay there until you are ready to take it out anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours later. You can even go about your household chores or slip a water-resistant hair cap on to take a shower with the rollers without worrying that they will fall out. If you apply setting lotion, gel or mousse to hair prior to rolling, you get longer-lasting and possibly more defined curls.


Pulling Velcro rollers out carelessly is what results in a tangled mess of hair. When taking out Velcro curlers, gently roll them out in the opposite direction of how you rolled them in. This is how you can remove Velcro rollers without snagging your hair on the teeth of the roller and destroying what could otherwise be flawless curls. If you have never used Velcro rollers before or are a complete novice to styling your own hair, practice using them on at least a few sections of hair prior to any big event or occasion where you want to wear your hair in curls.

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About the Author

Lea WhiteFeather writes to share her colorful experiences with all who can benefit. She enjoys traveling as well, and has worked and resided in New York, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and the Philippines, where she received her undergraduate education in art history.

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