About Dwarf Singles Dating Sites

Dwarf singles dating sites help little people meet others like them in the hopes of developing a relationship or friendship. Unlike other dating sites, the majority of members on dwarf single dating sites are little people.

This makes finding a potential match less time-consuming and more likely to result in a date with someone with whom you share common experiences.


Dwarf dating sites provide people of short stature with the ability to meet other little people without travelling great distances. Dwarfism is a rare disorder and, for some people, online dating provides their only realistic chance of meeting another little person.


There are two types of online dwarf dating sites: free and fee-based. Free services, such as lpdate.org and little-space.com, allow members to join and use all services for the site at no cost. Fee-based services, such as littlepeoplemeet.com, require fees to use such services as sending and receiving messages and participating in the chat room.


During your first visit to a dwarf dating site, you will be asked to enter personal information such as your age, occupation, number of children and smoking preference. Littlepeoplemeet.com also asks if you use a wheelchair or have a disability due to dwarfism. Once you are registered at a site, you can view the photographs and profiles of other members. Membership allows you to participate in chat rooms and send messages to the people you find interesting. You can exchange telephone numbers and arrange a time to meet if you wish.

Some sites allow non-dwarfs interested in dating dwarfs to register. If you would prefer to only date dwarfs, you can screen out those people you consider too tall.


You may not know many other little people, making finding a date difficult. While local and national little people conferences and clubs can provide an opportunity to get to know other dwarfs, not everyone is comfortable approaching a stranger and beginning a conversation. Online dating sites provide you with the opportunity to meet other dwarfs from throughout the world who are interested in dating.


As with any type of online interaction, using an online dating service requires that you take some precautions. People can easily disguise their true characters and appearances on online sites. Speak to a potential date on the telephone before you agree to meet him. If after speaking with him, you decide to meet him, don't invite him to your home. Choose a public place for the date and consider taking a friend with you. Your friend doesn't have to sit with you and your date but should stay nearby.