How much is it to replace a lost passport?

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You've lost your passport. Whether you're at home or abroad, you need to report the missing passport and apply for a new one as soon as possible. Replacing a passport is straightforward but will require time and money.


As soon as you realise that your passport is missing, it is important to report your passport lost or stolen. Inform Her Majesty’s Passport Office as soon as possible by filling out form LS01 for lost or stolen passports and send it to:

Her Majesty’s Passport Office PO Box 654, Peterborough PE1 1WP

If you're out of the country when you lose the passport, you'll need to contact the nearest UK Embassy or Consulate to report your missing passport and apply for a new one.


You will need to apply for a new passport to replace the one you've misplaced. To replace your passport you will need to submit form LS01 to report the missing passport.

You can also apply for a replacement at the same time if you’re a British national and in the UK, by submitting form LS01, a passport application form, supporting documents including two photos and a fee.

You must get your application countersigned and there is a possibility you may be interviewed by Her Majesty’s Passport Office to prove your identity.

The fee for a passport for adults aged 16 and over is £72.50 in July 2013. For those under the age of 16, passports cost £46.


When filling in LS01 to obtain a new passport, pay close attention to question 4. It is important to report a lost passport to the police, so ensure you include the report number and the police station where it was reported.

Finding a lost passport

Once your LS01 form has been processed, the lost passport is invalidated. Should you recover the passport, it will no longer be valid for travel and should be mailed to the same address as in Section 1.

The passport will be cancelled and returned to you (if you'd like it back) or destroyed. It cannot be revalidated.


If you're out of the country when you lose your passport it can be more difficult to replace it, particularly if you plan on returning home soon. You'll still need to present the same items for proof of identity and citizenship and will need to have these faxed or mailed, if you do not have them with you. You may also need to get a police report of the theft or loss and bring it with you to the embassy or consulate. You may need to alter your travel plans, or pay significant expediting fees in order to get a replacement passport. Contact the nearest UK Embassy or Consulate immediately for full procedural details.