Grohe Faucet Installation Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Grohe manufactures faucets and showers, among other kitchen and bathroom fixtures. The faucets are comprised of a cartridge system that can be easily replaced. A Grohe faucet can be installed with a few basic tools.


Before beginning any work, shut off the water main, which is usually located under the sink. Turn the water valve to the right to shut off the water. Hold the faucet assembly against the sink and align it up where you wish to install it. Make lines on the sink with a pencil where you need to drill holes if there are none already. Use a hand drill and a 1/4-inch bit to make the holes for the faucet.


Place the faucet assembly into the appropriate holes on the counter top. Go under the sink and attach the screw plugs to the underside of the faucet assembly. Tighten with an adjustable wrench. Insert the cartridge system into the centre of the faucet assembly. Feed the flexible tubing down the opening first and make sure the arrowing is facing front and pointed downward. Place the adjustable wrench on the copper pipe locks. Twist the wrench counterclockwise to remove the caps on the pipes. This is where you will connect the faucet to the water pipes. Screw the blue or cold water hose to the cold water pipe cap, which is on the right, and use a wrench to tighten it. Complete this step for the hot water hose on the left. Slide the Grohe cartridge into the cartridge system and make sure the grooves line up with each other. Turn it clockwise with your wrench until it locks into place. Use the hex key to attach the spigot and faucet handle by turning the hex key clockwise under the spigot.


Make sure you always shut the water off before working. If you damage these lines while there is water in them, the pressure within them can cause injury. Also, if you are simply replacing the faucet, choose one that matches the current faucet configuration, to ensure it fits. This will save you significant hassle and trouble in the long run.

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