Window treatment ideas for a narrow window

Updated February 21, 2017

Narrow windows can be tricky to decorate, which is why it is good to have a few window treatment ideas for narrow windows when you're ready to decorate. There are a few visual tricks and decorator tips you can use to make a narrow window appear wider and more substantial.

Curtain Panels

Use curtain panels to widen the look of your window. To do this, simply install a curtain rod above the window that is twice as long as the window is wide. Center the rod, then hang one curtain panel from the rod on either side of the window. While the curtains will only be covering up the walls, it will appear as if the curtains are actually covering up portions of the window, making the window itself look much wider than it actually is.


Install shutters on either side of a narrow window. This makes the window appear wider. You can use this visual trick on exterior and interior windows. While this may seem like a decorating tool that can only be used in a "country" style or "beach" style home, there are many new kinds of shutters that lend themselves to use in a more modern home.


Install crown (sometimes called ceiling) moulding around your window. This frames your window and makes it appear more substantial. Purchase white or unfinished ceiling moulding at most home improvement centres and have it cut to your specifications. Leave it white and paint the surrounding walls a contrasting colour or stain unfinished moulding to match the wood in your room. Attach the moulding with wire nails or construction adhesive.

Colour and Blinds

Install blinds that can be pulled completely up, allowing more light to enter the room. Colour is also important when choosing a window treatment for a narrow window. Choose curtains that are the same colours as the walls to make the window appear bigger. Choose contrasting curtains and the window will stand out more as a focal point against the wall. Narrow windows often look sophisticated with just one curtain panel hung, then pulled to the side and fastened against the wall.

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