Ideas for fabric room dividers

Updated April 17, 2017

Fabric room dividers add pattern and function to a space. A room divider can section off a multipurpose office and playroom. Hang a wall of curtains to give privacy in a studio apartment or add colour to a rental. You can make a fabric divider yourself to save money and pick your own patterns.

Hanging Room Dividers

Hanging room dividers free up floor space and allow you to create a room divider anywhere you need. Create an entryway with a hanging fabric wall. Decorative wood curtain rods and rings add style. A curtain panel can hang from a rod that you suspend with plant hooks and chain. Continue the same curtains panels from the windows onto the divider for a cohesive look.

Use a room divider to section off a basement or create an office in an open area. Track systems used in hospitals form an L shape. Install the bracket across from a corner wall to section off an entire area. Hang the curtain with snap tape and tabs.

A room divider doesn't have to be from floor to ceiling. Hang a divider over a half bookshelf to separate a dining room from the living room. A vintage wood window adds charm to your home. Paint the frame with a distressed finish for a cottage look. Hang it with ceiling hooks and decorative chain. You can even embellish the window with hand painted circles and ferns for a personal touch.

Artistic Room Dividers

You can spruce up an existing fabric room divider to personalise your space. An iron divider may have plain canvas fabric on it already. Use the existing fabric as a paint canvas with foam brushes and acrylic paint. For a teen's room create a cityscape and top with a feather boa. If you want a more sophisticated room divider, try an ombre effect where several shades of the same colour blend into each other.

Make a room divider for your child's room. This works well if you have several kids sharing a space or want to create a separate area for studying. Find large stretcher bars at a craft store. Install a centre brace to keep the fabric tight. Stretch colourful printed fabric over the frame and secure with a staple gun. Use fabric on each side so the frame is decorative from all areas of the room. Trim with ribbon or lace to hide the seam of the two fabrics. Hinges attach the canvases together for a room divider that is just your child's size.

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