Cake Decoration Ideas for Men

Updated February 21, 2017

Husband's birthday coming up? Dad's been having the same boring Father's Day dinner the last few years? Well, there's a simple way to spruce up any manly party, and that's with a manly cake! Whether he likes sports, the outdoors or video games, there's a cake design perfect for him and easy for you to make.

The Gamer

Your guy spends all of his free time with a controller in his hand and a headset on his head, so why not give him what he obviously loves ... in cake form, of course. The good news about most video game consoles (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, etc.), is that they are pretty straightforward in design. Most of them are rectangular, with black or white as the main colour. The other good thing is that if he loves it, he has it, which means you have a model to compare and contrast to your cake. Sure, it might not end up looking identical to the real thing, but your man will be happy you tried.

Tip: Try hard candies and gumdrops for remote control buttons.

The Sports Fanatic

Your boyfriend, brother or dad might all enjoy different sports, and there is a way to make a cake for each one. Soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis and any other sport where a round ball is the main tool makes for an easy cake. You'll just need an oven-shaped bowl. Yep, it's that easy. Simply bake the cake in the bowl and you'll end up with a flat-on-one-side and round-on-the-other shape that is perfect for any ball cake.

A golf ball may seem more difficult, but just spoon out some holes over the round side and cover with white frosting and you've got yourself a golf ball.

A football's a ball, right? Yep! Use the same technique and simply shape the sides down until your ball looks more like a football. Use a sharp knife, but be careful!

Tip: Get even more creative by adding racquets, clubs and helmets. Remember, as long as it tastes good and you tried, it doesn't have to look perfect.

The 13-Year-Old Man

This cake is just for the two of you. OK, so you might not want to admit it, but your guy is a little immature. Sometimes, you'd swear he was reverting back to age 13 after he just saw his dad's dirty magazines for the first time. Not to worry, there's a cake for him too. Human anatomy cakes are all the rage. Use the same technique as the ball cake (oven-safe bowl times two). Put each dome of cake side by side, cover with skin-coloured frosting and you're all set.

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