Retail grand opening ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Successful retail grand openings create a strong foundation for future growth and business success. Whether your retail store focuses on clothing, beauty supplies or home furnishings, a strong grand opening celebration can help kick start your sales and increase your community exposure. The best retail grand opening ideas have a lasting impact and help you rapidly increase traffic to your store.

Sneak Peak

Send out invitations to a "pre-grand opening" event the night before your public opening to a targeted set of selected customers. Target higher-net worth individuals and a demographic profile that would like the products you offer. You can buy these targeted lists from marketing list companies like For example, if you sell handcrafted baby clothes, consider targeting grandparents or high-income families with young children. A sneak peak retail grand opening will allow you to provide extra attention for your prime targeted customers that can help establish them as long-term clients.

Mall Retail Opening

Draw in customers to a mall-based retail grand opening with special activities and food. Offer free popcorn in paper bags customised with your store name and information. The smell of popcorn will entice mall patrons to enter your store, and the customised bag will turn casual shoppers into walking advertisements around the mall. Consider offering a drawing with a sign-up table at the back of your store. Customers will have to browse through your store and see your offerings in order to register, and you will obtain names for future mailing lists. You can also draw in customers with employees dressed in interesting costumes, music or free giveaway items.

Radio Advertising

Join forces with a local radio station to host an on-location event during your grand opening and to provide extra advertising before and after your event. Provide high-value coupons and store items to use as on-air prizes to extend the reach of your advertising and bring in new customers to your retail store. The on-location radio event will draw additional traffic to your retail grand opening event and will generate 'buzz' about your store. Target a radio station that has a demographic profile similar to your target market. For example, if you offer teenage fashions, link with a radio station that features popular top-40 type music.

Press Kit

Create a press kit that includes fact sheets about your business and products, common questions, information about management and any newsworthy information like authored articles and your personal business card. Proactively send your press kit to local media outlets in towns near your retail store. Submit a press release about your retail grand opening and include a copy in your press kit. Offer your press kit for download on your business website and on a corporate website if applicable. Make yourself available to readily answer media questions to increase the likelihood of media coverage of your retail grand opening.

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