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Updated November 21, 2016

The Disney film "Song of the South" was originally released in 1946. Blending live action and animation, the film focused on the Uncle Remus tales collected by Joel Chandler Harris in the American South. Because of the widespread reaction that the film was racist and portrayed slavery as pleasant or non-existent, Disney has limited distribution of the film and has never made is available on home video for the American market.

Speciality Dealers

Despite the lack of a U.S. release, "Song of the South" was released by Disney in other markets. In Japan, the film was released on laser disc. You can get copies through Japanese film vendors and dealers of rare and collectable movies, such as and A DVD of the film was released in Britain, and used copies can be purchased used through A Canadian release on DVD is also available through speciality retailers such as, and

Auction Sites

Auction sites also frequently have European, Canadian, or Japanese releases of "Song of the South" for sale. Check as well as eBay in other countries, such as (France) (Great Britain) and (Canada).


You can also find "Song of the South" on the Internet. Flixdump, isohunt, torrentz, thepiratebay and a number of other torrent sites offer the film for download.

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